Digital Teachers

One of the most enriching aspects of my time at ASFM has been through my involvement with the Digital Teachers program.  Digital Teachers is what we call our group of teachers who work as a sort of technology integration task force, collaborating to increase innovation and technology integration.

Within the digital teachers program I have become proficient with Google Classroom and Google Apps for Educators.  I have worked on a task-force in the research and adoption of a new learning management system.  I have helped to organize a large scale professional development conference and twice presented at the same conference.  I have explored original approaches to learning such as maker spaces, design thinking, electronic portfolios, and breakout rooms, and I have learned extensively about design thinking and incorporated its principles into my lessons and assignments.

Its amazing how many possibilities exist today to radically transform learning.  2017 brings opportunities and challenges that I hadn’t even managed ten years ago, and it is exciting for me to incorporate innovative practices into my teaching and to anticipate the challenges that are to come in the future.

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